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Bdesktop Design Shop | RIG-100: A Small Stainless Steel Flexible and Adjustable Bracket with a Rated Load of Approximately 50 Grams for Miniature Animations

A supplementary bracket designed specifically for stop-motion animation, intended for the stabilization of lightweight objects such as leaves, and various fragments. The bracket is entirely made of stainless steel.
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About 40 centimeters high
About 10 centimeters high
About 20 centimeters high
About 30 centimeters high
About 60 centimeters high

Model: RIG-100

Base Plate: Stainless steel, finely polished with a brushed finish, 5cm in diameter, 1cm thick, weighing approximately 150g.

Bracket Length: 40cm

Joint Material: Solid stainless steel, CNC machined integral double ball head rod, smooth and durable.

Load Capacity: Approximately 50 grams (This load represents the capacity with the universal arm fully retracted and does not indicate the load with the universal arm fully extended laterally.)

Net Weight: 250g

Fixing Method: Small iron clamp

Friendly Reminder:

  1. What you have received is a disassembled kit that requires self-assembly. Simply tighten a few small screws to complete the assembly.

  2. This stand is designed to support lightweight and small objects, such as sponges, cotton, paper, etc. It is not suitable for supporting heavier items like dolls or phones.

  3. The length of the bent arm will affect the load capacity of the stand. Due to the relatively small base, longer bent arms will be less stable. Please be aware of this.